Paul’s May 12, 2018 Interview on KSVP Radio

On this week’s interview, Paul discusses:

  • The plans by various Democratic candidates for land commissioner to raise taxes (in the form of royalty payments) on oil and gas producers on New Mexico lands. Paul further elaborates on the issue bringing in a report from the Canada-based Fraser Institute that ranks states and nations on their relative friendliness toward oil and gas development.
  • The latest monthly data on job creation in Right to Work and non-Right to Work states. In April the trend towards many more jobs being produced in Right to Work states was restored.
  • Federal tax reform is paying off right here in New Mexico. Americans for Tax Reform has collected the information. Paul discusses some of the details.
  • The latest annual state GDP data are available for 2017. The news for New Mexico is not terrible. Our economy is growing, but it is not great. That growth is still extremely slow despite positive news from the Permian basin.

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