May 7, 2016 Edition of RGF Weekly Radio Show

Welcome to the April 16, 2016 Rio Grande Foundation weekly radio program Tipping Point! We hope you’ll join us live each week on “The Rock of Talk” … 95.9FM and 1600AM from noon to 3:00pm.

This week’s broadcast features:

  • Interviewed upcoming speaker Ilya Shapiro about his talk in Albuquerque.
  • Discussion items included: Winthrop Quigley and his economist friends’ “White Paper”.
  • Albuquerque’s Poor Rankings on yet another measure of business development.
  • Discussed the latest on Albuquerque Rapid Transit.
  • Intern Alexander Adams from Sandia Prep joined just throughout and gave his views on economics and how his generation views some important current issues.
  • Additional discussion about the Verizon protests in Albuquerque, labor unions and Right to Work’s performance in terms of job growth nationwide in April.

Click here to listen to the complete broadcast.